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Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel Metal are as follows. So let us check it out advantages and disadvantages to know more about steel structure and its properties.


  1. Steel is a kind of metal and Steel is resistant to rust.
  2. Steel can be reuse and easy to recycle.
  3. Steel can be made from iron, carbon, manganese, phosphorous, sulfur, silicon, nickel, chromium etc.,
  4. Steel is also used in making household appliances.
  5. Steel is an alloy of iron and Steel which is used in construction of roads, railway, buildings etc., because of its hardness and tensile strength.
  6. Steel is strong, hard and flexible metal.
  7. Stainless Steel is derived from Steel.
  8. Skyscraper can be made of Steel.
  9. Steel is used in a car frame.
  10. A Ship are made of Steel.
  11. Steel can be melted and Steel material is available easily.
  12. Steel is also used in making stool and other office infrastructure.
  13. Steel in used in construction of a buildings and infrastructure.
  14. Steel is used in construction of bridge.
  15. Cabinets are made from Steel.
  16. Steel is used in automobile industry for making bikes, cars etc.,
  17. Steel is used in hospitals.
  18. Steel is generally used in Civil Engineering.
  19. Steel is used in manufacturing cars: for example engine , body parts and doors  of cars are made up of Steel.
  20. Steel is used in manufacturing of Electrical appliances such as washing machine, cooker, fridge etc.,
  21. Steel is also used in make food packaging materials such as cans and other storage materials.
  22. Steel is also used in building products such as concrete rebars, metallic frames etc.,
  23. Steel is used in making rail road tracks.
  24. Steel is also used in making train compartments.
  25. Steel is used in wheels and axles.
  26. Steel is also used in oils and gas wells.
  27. Steel can be used in manufacturing storage tanks.
  28. Steel in used in wind turbines.
  29. Steel is also used in manufacturing cranes.
  30. Steel can be used making transmission towers.
  31. Steel is used to make different types of machinery and tools.
  32. Protective instrument in companies are made up of Steel.


  1. The cost of production of Steel may be higher.
  2. The resistance of Steel against fire is weaker compared to concrete.
  3. Steel is heavy and expensive to transport.

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Examples of Recycling materials

Some Examples of recycling materials are as follows. So let us check it out some points of recycling to know more about recycling materials.

Material which can be recycled are : Plastic drink bottels, chipboard, newspaper, corrugated cardboard, glass bottels, beverage cans, magazine, plastic, aluminium, paper, glass, trash etc., Find out more on advantages and disadvantages of Recycling.

Example 1: We can reuse plastic bags when we go to supermarket to buy household products.

Example 2: Paper can be recycled so it can be processed and used again and again.

Decision Making and Teamwork

We know that teamwork is one of the great opportunity for an individual or an organization for making good decisions in order to achieve better results. Person with different skills comes together during teamwork which may support and help other member of a team to make proper decision for any task assigned.Teamwork not only helps to improve motivation but also increases performance in a company or organization.