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Best Probiotics for Antibiotics

Information on Best Probiotics for Antibiotics, Let us see some benefits of Probiotics when taken along with antibiotics.

Probiotics are the substances, food or preparation which includes microorganisms, introduced into the body for its beneficial Qualities.

As we know that when we take antibiotics, it enters into our body and kills bacteria. Sometimes Diarrhoea and other side effects are observed; this is because an antibiotic not only kills bad bacteria but also good bacteria. Sometimes probiotics are taken along with antibiotics to lower the risk of unwanted side effect of diarrhoea.

Before taking the probiotic supplement it is best to wait for one or two hours after your antibiotics. Probiotic food includes yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir etc.,

Probiotics can also be found in many foods. Yogurt is one of the best example of probiotics. Dairy products such as buttermilk, cheese, fermented and unfermented foods.

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Polymers applications in everyday life

Polymers have many applications in various fields as well as in everday life.

Let us check it out some uses of polymers.

 Polymers are used in clothing, oil recovery, food and flavours, agriculture, packaging, consumer items like clothing, toys, skin care

Polymers also used in automative parts, pipes, parts, additives etc.

Also used in electronics as well as in medicines such as in formulation of proteins, antibiotics, gel caps or in coating of tablets. 

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