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Health Risks of Junk Food

Health Risks of Junk Food are as follows. So let us check it out some of the health risks of junk food to know more about fast food. The effects on the body are given here.

Some of the Health Risks of Junk food are :

  1. Junk food increases cholesterol level.
  2. Junk food increases blood sugar level.
  3. It adds extra calories and increases weight of the body.
  4. Sometimes it also causes shortness of breath.
  5. Dental distress by eating excessive junk food.
  6. Increases Blood pressure.
  7. It also causes fatigue and weakness.
  8. Sometimes causes depression and and also affects the brain function
  9. It can also cause kidney disease.
  10. Junk food can trigger digestive problems
  11. Junk food can lead to diabetes, affects liver and heart function.
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