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Advantages and Disadvantages of Swimming

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Swimming are as Follows . So let us check it out some of the information one by one.

Some of the Advantages of Swimming are:

  1. Swimming is a kind of sport and effective exercise for good health.
  2. Swimming helps to reduce weight by burning calories when you get into the water. It is good exercise to lose weight and eliminate obesity.
  3. Swimming helps to boost your mood by reducing tension.
  4. Swimming helps reduces heart disease as it is great cardiovascular exercise.
  5. Swimming is also good for strengthening muscles.
  6. Swimming is fun activity which keeps exercising your heart.
  7. Swimming competition among men as well as women is also organized during sports events.
  8. Swimming keeps your body healthy.
  9. Both men and women can enjoy swimming during summer to keep body cool.
  10. Swimmers or athlete often swims daily for fitness and to remain healthy.
  11. It is one of the effective exercise and great for the heart and lungs.
  12. Regular swimming improves your mood state and keeps your fresh.
  13. Any person of any age can swim.
  14. Swimming is one of the best workout for whole body.
  15. It also helps to relax your body and mind.
  16. Indoor swimming pool also have some benefits.
  17. Swimming is not only a wonderful aerobic and resistance workout or a fabulous experience but also an activity which provides a lot of health benefits to the human body. 
  18. Relaxation of the mind of the swimming individual is also considered one of the many amazing swimming benefits.
  19. Swimming is fun to do especially during summer, either in a swimming pool or the beach, and the fun it gives to an individual and the family is also considered one of the numerous swimming benefits.
  20. Swimming also include cardiovascular benefits, stronger lungs, improved blood pressure and lower cholesterol which are beneficial to the heart while reducing the risk of experiencing stroke, heart attack and diabetes.
  21. Swimming can be an essential part of your physical regimen or workout and also of a weight loss program while enhancing the flexibility of your joints.
  22. People who find it hard to perform land based physical activities and weight bearing workouts due to weight problems can easily engage in a swimming regimen since your weight in water is only 10 percent of your weight on land.
  23. Those with arthritis or joint pains and those suffering from back pains can use swimming as a natural remedy while pregnant women can use swimming as a better workout. 
  24. Swimming when done in a regular basis can help improve endurance as well as muscle strength of a person while minimizing risk of injuries when engaged in a physical activity. 
  25. Swimming can also serve as a warm-up activity or a cooling down stage of a strenuous activity on the ground.
  26. Disabled persons can also use swimming as part of their normal activity while those with injuries can use swimming as part of therapy or as a rehabilitating activity.
  27. Post-surgery patients can also benefit from swimming to keep them in shape instead of adopting a sedentary lifestyle while avoiding muscular atrophy. 
  28. The person’s tendency of regulating breathing and stimulating blood circulation provides a soothing effect on the mind and also to the body of the swimmer.
  29. Swimming benefits weight management program and is even vital to any weight management routine. 
  30. Swimming can drastically reduce body fats and increase your metabolism so as a swimming individual can burn more calories.
  31. A swimming practitioner can also maintain a lean muscle tissue while increasing the body’s capability of using fat as fuel. 
  32. Using swimming as an exercise increases muscle tone while losing weight at the same time. 
  33. Swimming as well as other water exercises combined with good stretching can tremendously improve flexibility while aiding range of motion.

Some of the Disadvantages of Swimming are:

  1. Sometimes swimming causes water enter in ears.
  2. People need to search Swimming pool or river or lake for Swimming.
  3.  If you dont't know swimming then it causes you to drown.
  4. Swimming may sometime causes cramp in the body.
  5. You have to change clothes and need to wear bikini or swimming costume during swimming in swimming pool.
  6. Chlorine used in Swimming pools may be harmfull to skin,hair and body.


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