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Advantages and disadvantages of Joint Family

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of Joint family are as follows. So let us check it out its advantages and disadvantages to know more about joint family.

Some points on advantages of Joint family are :

  1. Love and affection is seen among the family members of joint family.
  2. More the members in a family, more jobs they do hence they are usually wealthy.
  3. During crisis they will get support from other family members.
  4. Youngsters or childres learns values of family.
  5. They usually enjoys each and every function in a family
  6. They enjoys social life.
  7. Better attention to individual by other family members in joint family
  8. They learn about importance of relationship in life.

Some points on disadvantages of joint family are :

  1. Person who earns more in joint family may insult the member who earns less.
  2. Person who earns more have to support the member who do not earns
  3. Jealousy is often seen among the family members of joint family
  4. It is very difficuly for a person to keep privacy as all members stays under a common roof.

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