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Educational Benefits of Multimedia

Some of the Educational Benefits of Multimedia are as follows. So let us check it out some information on educational benefits to know more about multimedia. Also check out different advantges and disadvantages to learn more about.

  1. Multimedia creates an opportunities for students to create and express their prior knowledge using multimple media.
  2. Multimedia allows students to function as designers with the help of various tools for analysing information.
  3. Multimedia applications also engages students and provides valuable opportunitis for learning.
  4. Multimedia also encourages students for deep reflective thinking.
  5. Multimedia is easy to use as well as easy to understand.
  6. Multimedia is flexible, integrated and interactive.
  7. It is suitable for large audience and conductive cooperative work environment.
  8. Multimedia also addresses multiple learning styles.
  9. It conveys content or information in an excellent way, Multimedia uses various media elements to reinforce one idea.
  10. Multimedia creates rich experience by activating multiple senses.
  11. Multimedia improves retention, gives life to simple information and enhances uer enjoyment.
  12. Multimedia also enable to control user experience.


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Importance of Multimedia

Some of the Importance of Multimedia are as follows. So let us find out its importance to know more about multimedia. It consist of audio, video, graphics, text, animations etc., There are many advantages and disadvantages for more information.

Points on Importance of multimedia are:

Elements of Multimedia

The elements of multimedia are as follows. All the object to create any type of multimedia project are knows as multimedia elements. For better presentation all the elements must be arranged properly. Some of the elements are:Also there are many advantages and disadvantages of using multimedia are available.

  1. Text
  2. Video
  3. Image
  4. Sound
  5. Animation

Top uses for Multimedia

Some of the uses for multimedia are as follows. So let us check it out top uses for multimedia listed below.

  1. Multimedia is a powerful way to inform, entertain and maket to people. There are several advantages and disadvantages given to learn more about multimedia.
  2. Major delivery mechanism of the multimedia presentation mainly includes CD ROM and DVD, the internet, computer, games and displays.
  3. The top uses of multimedia are for education and training, for presentation, entertainment and sales and marketing.

Advantages and disadvantages of multimedia Training

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of multimedia training listed below. So let us find out its advantages and disadvantages to know more about multimedia training:

Advantages :

  1. Multimedia is interactive and self paced.
  2. Consistency of delivery and consistency of content is seen.
  3. Immediate feedback can be taken from users.
  4. Unlimited geographic accessibility
  5. Multimedia appeals to multiple senses, It also contains build in guidance system
  6. Privacy , It can test and certify mastery


Different types of Multimedia

List of different types of multimedia are below. Also check some advantages and disadvantages to get more information on multimedia in detail.

  1. Online multimedia : A product that needs to communicate with distant users and sometimes distant resources (mobile services, websites etc.)
  2. Offline multimedia : A self contained product which does not communicate with anyting outside its immediate environment (Multimedia kiosks, DVD, CD)
  3. Hybrid multimedia : This type of multimedia has elements of both online and offline products such as computer games.