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Email Attachments - Advantages and Disadvantages

Email Attachments - Check Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Attachments which are as follows. Let us find out some advantages and disadvantages of email attachments such as files, pictures, videos etc.

About Advantages of Email Attachments:

  1. Email attachments is easy way to send small files.
  2. Powerpoint presentation, Word File, Pdf files, Picture, Video etc can be sent easily by email.
  3. Files can be transferred from one computer to another at faster speed using email attachments.
  4. No geographical barrier, files can be transferred from one country to another country instantly.
  5. For printing and scanning purpose files can be shared by email attachment.

About Disadvantages of Email Attachments:

  1. Takes time to upload and download files or other attachments.
  2. Large files cannot be sent by free email service.
  3. Additional software is required to open specific file format.
  4. Sometimes attachments and files sent by email contains virus which may affect your computer.
  5. Files may not be uploaded or downloaded properly from email  if internet speed is slow.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of email attachments.


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