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Advantages and Disadvantages of Democratic Leadership

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of democratic leadership are listed below. So let us find out democratic leadership and its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages :

  1. Democratic leadership allows employees to establish goals.
  2. It also encourages employees to grow on the job and be promoted.
  3. Democratic leadership is effective where team work is needed
  4. Subordinates are involved in decision making, it also motivates subordinates
  5. In this type of leadership it provides opportunites for growth and developement of subordinates
  6. This style of leadership creates creativity in subordinates

Disadvantages :

  1. Democratic leadership is time consuming and can result in indiscipline
  2. Due to lack of communiation skill , some important suggestions may not get heard in this type of leadership.
  3. Democratic leadership is not effective in case of uneducated or unskilled worker
  4. The leader depends on the knowledge of the followers 
  5. Collaboration takes time in democratic leadership

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What are the benefits of leadership management ?

Some of the benefits of leadership management are discussed below. Also find out advantages and the disadvantages of leadership to learn more about it.

Points on benefits of leadership management are:

  • Leadership mangement increases productivity
  • It also nurture future leader.
  • By applying leadership management the employee engangement increases
  • Leadership managemnt is used to motivate employees
  • Helps to make better decision
  • It is the facilitator of change

Advantages and Disadvantages of Boarding School

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Boarding School are listed below. So let us check it out some information on advantages and disadvantages to know more about boarding school. Boarding school provides education to students who live on the premises which is exaclty opposite of day school. Sending child to a boarding school is a big decision, so find out some pros and cons listed below.

Decision Making and Teamwork

We know that teamwork is one of the great opportunity for an individual or an organization for making good decisions in order to achieve better results. Person with different skills comes together during teamwork which may support and help other member of a team to make proper decision for any task assigned.Teamwork not only helps to improve motivation but also increases performance in a company or organization. 

What are the advantages of team building ?

Some of the Advantages of team building are discussed below. So let us check it out benefits of team building. Along with advantages it has disadvantages also which must be taken into consideration.

Advantages of team building are :

Identify strenght and weakness : The first stem in team building process is to indetify the strength of team member and improve the weakness after evaluation. Talent unite to create a powerful picture and improve teamwork skills.